Online Gemstone Jewellery Shopping – Benefits And Drawbacks Of Virtual Inventory Models

Mass Confusion

Every consumer searching for gemstone jewellery is confronted with endless gemstone details and combination options. Actually, if you’re shopping on the web you might be seeing the very same gemstone on numerous internet sites at different prices, or even the identical picture of the ring provided by many retailers at different cost levels. The Web, and will be offering consumers so much more choices within-depth education, has additionally introduced the idea of “virtual” inventory for retailers. You simply require a website, picture and database just like that you’re running a business. The barriers to promote entry are extremely low the web is inundated with jewellery internet sites towards the tune in excess of 600,000 online jewellery retailers!

False Branding

For loose diamonds this means that many online stores are selling exactly the same diamonds. Consider it by doing this, there’s one database where all “wholesale” gemstone dealers list their inventory along with a cost, the internet store will get an rss feed of this inventory and presents it on their own site using their mark-up. Thus to distinguish the merchandise, the retailers allow us branding to produce the illusion that it’s diverse from what their competitor is providing, so if you notice “Signature Collection” or “Premium Cut” realize this really is only branding and shouldn’t have any effect on the cost for just about any given gemstone with identical characteristics, the 4Cs would be the 4Cs. If you are intending to use the internet of proper quality jewellery, then your differentiating factor to consider is added worth of service.

Mass Marketing, Mass Production

For gemstone jewellery, virtual inventory is produced when wholesale jewellery manufacturers create electronic catalogs after which provide them with for their retail partners. The retailer’s job will be to store bought the merchandise as well as they are able to the only real differentiator is cost. I make reference to this jewellery as “mass created”, typically it’s manufactured overseas in big amounts and also the quality is usually reduced. And regrettably like every industry this model is susceptible to “bait-and-switch.” Consumers should beware of sites which have limited detail concerning the product or are vague concerning the gemstone quality, for example using ranges Versus-SI or near without color. In mass created jewellery the gemstone quality is generally really low (I2-I3) and actual metal alloys used could be suspect. Mass created jewellery fits nicely into fashion, but doesn’t have real lengthy term value. High-quality jewellery isn’t mass created.

Many brand jewellery manufacturers are fighting off the virtual inventory model due to the cost dilution and inclination towards “counterfeits.” Shoppers have to beware of sites with brand claims that aren’t generally available online.

Made-to-Order Virtual Inventories

A different type of virtual inventory that would be ideal for that consumer and it is growing on the web is those of CAD design. This is when a genuine jewelry expert develops his/her designs on the CAD design system and renders a picture of the items the piece may be like. See a CAD design video demonstration to find out more. The customer has the capacity to customize the design as needed and also the diamonds and gems are hands selected for greatest quality, the truth of the approach produces a superior bit of jewellery.

This virtual inventory, made-to-order model is easily the most desirable for high-quality jewellery shoppers simply because they obtain the best of all possible worlds, top quality, service from the jewelry expert and also the best cost. This is actually the approach we use at Gemstone Design Co.


Just like any business design, you will find benefits and drawbacks to “virtual” inventory. The advantages are apparent better prices for shoppers because of cost competition minimizing overhead equals less mark-up. The down-side obviously is finding reliable retailers, sorting with the minutia could be daunting and often frustrating inside a crowded marketplace. You can begin through the elimination of the companies that do not provide a full-range of services and/or aren’t jewelers, but simply resellers of virtual inventory.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bit of jewellery online, make an effort to this should you just shop on cost then you’ll get that which you purchase. A much better approach would be to create a relationship having a merchant who you can rely on, who are able to answer the questions you have about choosing the proper gemstone, and who are able to supply the services you’ll need, like annual inspections, appraisals, and resizing or redesigns. Only companies with staff jewelers can perform this well. To learn more, find out how high-quality jewellery is created.